Safety rules

Dear Guests,

For your comfort and safety, we have introduced a number of standards so that you can spend your time in our apartments safely. Each apartment after the guests' departure is thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company. The means that we use for this purpose are professional household chemicals, now additionally supported by disinfecting chemicals (including Medispet Velox Spray, Desprej).

The apartments are carefully ventilated and all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development in consultation with the GIS of April 28, 2020.

The washing of bed linen and towels, which you will find in our Apartments, is handled by the laundry room, which is fully adapted to washing and disinfecting hotel linen. It has the appropriate sanitary and epidemiological permits and opinions allowing it to provide the services in question. The washing technology and detergents are provided by Ecolab. All washing agents used for disinfection, incl. Ozonite Super are products that meet the requirements of the European standard EN 14476. The main washing temperature of hotel textiles is min. 60 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of ironing textiles is 190 degrees Celsius on ironing lines, and 150 degrees Celsius - on ironing presses.

Additionally, at the special request of our guests, we provide a paid apartment ozonation service using OZ-10000 and OZ-14000 generators. Ozone disinfection consists in cleaning rooms from various types of viruses and bacteria, fungi and allergens, thanks to the use of gas with strong oxidizing properties. It is a safe cleansing method with no harmful effects.

We hope that the above-mentioned activities will allow our guests to have a peaceful and comfortable stay at City & Sea Apartments

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